Wednesday, February 1

Obama caves into pressure from NATO allies: Panetta announces 2013 as end to U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan

Jennifer Griffin reporting frm Pentagon 7:07 PM for Fox: White House unnamed official claiming Panetta might have jumped the gun on Obama's planned announcement at May NATO summit to move up timeline for end of combat operations. Panetta told reporters that 2013 end "may" be the end of U.S. combat operations. Point is that O is trying to pin blame on his Secretary of Defense for moving up the announcement. What a boss to work for, eh?
Obama decided not to wait until the May NATO summit in Chicago to talk timelines for withdrawal. See the New York Times report if you haven't already heard the news. U.S. trainers for ANA will remain through 2014 -- maybe. See this VOA report, 'Insider' Attacks Against Coalition Forces by Afghan Security Forces Probed in US Congress.

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