Monday, March 26

Afghan War got you down? Worried after watching Charlie Rose that the chief military advisor to the White House is as barking mad as the last one?

Take one reading of advice from the inimitable "(Ret.) Maj. Butt" to young aspiring Pakistani strategic analysts and call me in the morning. One reading -- two readings might keep you up all night laughing, then you'd be cussing me tomorrow.

How to Become A Strategic Analyst Like Yours Sachly

Thanks, Major, for restoring my sense of humor, which I lost somewhere along the way this past week while reviewing how Operation Enduring Freedom became Operation Hodgepodge.

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Madhu said...

Hahahaha. I read that, too. The Kashmir bit is brilliant. It should be read by everyone in the Beltway and London/Whitehall, but, oh wait, what am I saying? The smart ones already know and everybody else really is that stupid.

Didn't see the Charlie Rose interview. I'll have to look at it. (Pundita, I don't think staying to build an army will work given the political system we have and the policy "understanding" of that crew. We won't adjust properly and we are using our own troops as "cannon" fodder while the Beltway plays dumb strategic games. Blame the Bush and Obama administration and dumb policy makers first, then the Army which fell for pop-COIN and now cannot adjust properly because anything they do will be matched by a ton of aid over the Durand Line. Can't win for losing.)

Unfortunately, my plan of leaving so that we can apply the appropriate pressure won't happen either, so you and I can each be unhappy in our own particular way. The "Cato" plan plus cutting aid is the way to go, but, again, we won't do it, so what's the use of me continuing to wail on about it. No one is listening to me and the Beltway has gone back to its old nonsense.)

And I see all the usual suspects are talking about India triggering an arms race on the subcontinent. This from the same gaggle of geniuses who routinely ignore arms sales to China (sotte voce type arms sales), Saudi, and our funding of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal.

Oh well, I have now reached a zen state on this stuff. If we won't even properly investigate the Saudi/Pak angle on 9-11 why should I expect anything better?