Tuesday, April 3

Are Muslim Syrian rebels driving Christian Syrians out of their homes and murdering them?

Generally I wouldn't pass along this story, which comes from an organization called Special Guests, because it's unsourced; it doesn't provide even one link to support the claims of a Christian activist named Wendy Wright about persecution of Syrian Christians under cover of a rebellion in Syria.

However, the gist of Wright's claims has been borne out in other countries, including Egypt and Iraq, where the Christian population was left helpless after the secularized regimes of Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein were overthrown. And, after I dropped everything else to attempt to find a reasonably authoritative source for the Special Guests story (below), I see that the Los Angles Times has reported that 90 percent of Christians in Homs have been expelled from their homes by the rebels.

So if CNN could rip itself away for a few minutes from the role of Voice of the International Community and ask some hard questions about the present condition of Christians in Syria, then report on the answers, it would be helpful given the extent to which CNN has been propagandizing for U.S. intervention in Syria.

(Memo to self: ask Congress when it's going to stop clowning around and start procedures to make CNN an outright government agency.)

There's no way to prevent the American government from supporting the rebels; President Obama and Secretary Clinton have already clearly indicated they want Assad's regime gone. But since the White House has now taken the first step in direct intervention, it does have a responsibility to make help conditional on the rebels refraining from persecuting the Christians in the country.

From Special Guests:
Human rights organizations are reporting that Syrian rebels are actively involved in slaughtering hundreds of Christians and driving out tens of thousands from their homes--without even allowing them to bring their personal property.

This horrific escalation of “ethnic cleansing” of Christians from Syria must be exposed and stopped.

Telling this under-reported story is Christian Freedom International spokesperson Wendy Wright who shares how Barack Obama and many in the media continue to portray the uprisings throughout the Middle East as “freedom fighters.” In reality they are often sects of radical Islam overthrowing existing, sometimes more moderate regimes.

Wendy stated, "Christians are being slaughtered in Syria, yet world leaders are siding with the killers. The minority Christian population -- which is not taking sides in the current conflict -- is being kidnapped, used as human shields, tortured and executed.”

“Yet their plight is ignored by the media, UN, and the Obama administration. Their silence allows the genocide to continue. It will only get worse if the killers gain control of the government," concluded Wright.

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