Tuesday, July 31

Russophobes for hire, to detriment of USA

From Zenpundit Mark Safranski's comments about three posts at the Russia Blog:
Look, neither Russia nor Putin merit any special favors from the USG, but there are large factions of Beltway political activists on the Hill who are on retainer for the government of Georgia (including the Podesta Group of Democratic Party bigwig John Podesta) or from their domestic opposition, as registered foreign agents, who would like to poison relations with Moscow as much as possible in the interest of their clients with little regard to American interests.
I think Mark is completely right when he observes that the influence agents for hire are not representing the best interests of Americans. So I'm very glad he mentioned the situation, which is not limited to Georgia. Now I suggest you read the rest of his commentary then look at the posts he recommends.

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