Sunday, June 23

LAST WEEK: U.S. bullies Hong Kong to quickly extradite Ed Snowden. TODAY: Hong Kong paper publishes details from Snowden about NSA spying on millions of Chinese text messages, and Hong Kong authorities allow Snowden to leave for undisclosed destination via Moscow

On June 22 at 6:00 EDT, the Washington Post reported that the Obama had been "publicly pressuring" -- bullying, in other words -- Hong Kong's government to hurry up and extradite Edward Snowden. Guess what happened next.

Remember that classified information and evidence Snowden shared with the South China Morning Post  several days ago about U.S. cyberspying on China, and which SCMP graciously didn't publish,so as not to create an International Incident?

On June 23 SCMP published what Snowden had told them, which included information that NSA had collected millions of text messages sent by Chinese. 

Then guess what happened? Hong Kong authorities let Edward Snowden leave for an undisclosed country via Moscow, "in a move bound to infuriate the U.S.," the Economic Times of India couldn't resist adding.

Now what? I hope any plans the Obama Administration has for retaliating against Hong Kong's refusal to kowtow don't include firing Hellfire missiles into the SCMP offices. The commie rag published by America's great enemy employs Reginald Chua, former deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal and former editor of The Wall Street Journal's Asia edition, as its editor-in-chief.

But the point at this moment, for Americans, is that NSA chief Gen. Alexander looked members of the House Intelligence Committee straight in the eye last week and said NSA didn't have the capacity to spy on text messages.

Carrier pigeons, anyone? At least we'll be able to spot NSA intercepting the birds.


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