Tuesday, July 15

Carving California into 6 states: this is one of the stupidest plans I've ever seen

This is quite literally a whine and cheese plan by someone who may be smoking dope.  To solve California's problems, carve the state into marijuana (North California), wine (Napa Valley), cheese (Central Valley dairy) regions, and some other stuff. 

Democrats hate the idea, of course, but I'm with them on this one.  The plan's mastermind is one Tim Draper, a "venture capitalist."  His six state initiative has collected enough signatures, 800,000+, to get on the Nov. 2016 ballot.  What I find disturbing is that a snap survey turned up only 59 percent of Californians who are against the plan. This, according to the USA TODAY report on the plan, which includes a map of the proposed states.  

Looking at his map I get the feeling that Tim Draper doesn't want six states, he wants one country: Silicon Valley. But he knows that would never get on the ballot.

A state is not a company; its problems aren't troublesome divisions that corporate can peel off.  Move to Singapore, Mr Draper, if you like the idea of a small nation-state. Get out of my country.


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sykes.1 said...

Actually, a better choice would be to force the Mexicans to take it back along with several other pieces of the Southwest.