Tuesday, May 17

"Jim Rogers is over there sipping tea at Cafe Pushkin"

The quote is from Max Keiser's riff on Bloomberg's Russia Should Foment a Bond Market Revolution. No wonder the State Department wants to ban RT in the USA -- although RT, from the disclaimer they append to the show, looks as if they're also scared of Max. Probably all governments are scared of him. 

But Max is just a very perceptive and articulate -- and funny -- spokesperson for a broad revolution although he is himself part of the revolution with his version of Bitcoin. Yes, the New Age really is upon us. To understand its parameters read Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World.  

A good introduction to the ideas in the book is Nozomi Hayase's August 2014 essay for Open Democracy UK, Blockchain revolution: open source democracy for the 99%. So this revolution is not just about finance.

And yes, Jim Rogers is actually interested in Russian bonds these days:
I want to buy ruble bonds, I am more optimistic about ruble bonds than I am in Eurobonds. Ruble bonds have much higher yields. More and more people are coming to understand that Russia is a good place to invest ... Russia is not a huge debt nation, it's not like Portugal or America. The Russian economy is suffering a lot and many people have already cut back ... but America has not yet had a big drop, Germany did not have a big drop yet, but when they drop they will drop much more than Russia because Russia has already dropped. 
Will the Bilderbergers, as Max calls them, screw up the fledgling New Age? Will they start a world war in an attempt to prop up the ancien regime? With what? They've already destroyed much of the world's capital. 


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