Tuesday, June 9

All crazy here on Planet Earth so KEEP OUT

That's not a transgender Peace Protester 
That's a CIA agent defending Earth from alien invasion

You're looking at the police photo of Samuel Tate Berry, "who is listed as a 24-year-old female, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Police say she launched projectiles at them."

For days Andy Ngo has been posting one mug shot after another at his Twitter page of Peaceful Protestors in America who've been arrested during the George Floyd Protests and booked -- and then released by the police. I think Andy's pretty upset they keep being released. But he needs to consider that the police know something he doesn't know about the people they've been releasing.

Yes, the CIA isn't supposed to operate in the United States but they're carrying out a plan to defend this planet.

I should add the plan wasn't the CIA's idea; they got it from MI6. For several years the British government had a terrible time with shape-shifting aliens from another galaxy kidnapping British government officials and Members of Parliament then posing as them and making all kinds of messes.

At first the government tried to sweep the rumors under the rug by saying any aliens landed in Britain were just big cricket fans. Then they tried saying it was the Russians who were doing it. When the truth finally got around, MI6 and the British Royal Navy were tasked with coming up with a plan.

They managed to capture a couple of the shape-shifters, who told them that being sent to this planet was the worst punishment their justice system could think up.

From there, MI6 got the idea of trying to persuade aliens that any time spent on Earth would make them so crazy they'd never be able to go home.

As to how the CIA got involved -- oh well, MI6 can sell anything to the Americans.

All right, Pundita, that's enough fun. Back to the salt mine. sigh.



Himanshu said...

a babysister of mine says that aliens tend to avoid planet earth :)

Pundita said...

She knows.