Tuesday, March 23

Two reports for Bill Gates watchers

Both articles are from The Nation. 

One, published February 16, 2021 is Bill Gates, Climate Warrior. And Super Emitter: "The billionaire’s new book, a bid to be taken seriously as a climate campaigner, has attracted the usual worshipful coverage. When will the media realize that with Gates you have to follow the money?"  The author, Tim Schwab, has done just that. 

Schwab is a freelance journalist based in Washington, D.C., whose investigation into the Gates Foundation was part of a 2019 Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship. 

Also according to The Nation, in the name of full disclosure (something Mr Gates has great trouble doing), "Four years ago Tim Schwab was employed as a researcher for Food & Water Watch, an NGO that works on agricultural and energy issues."

The other Nation article, also by Tim Schwab, was published October 5, 2020 and titled While the Poor Get Sick, Bill Gates Just Gets Richer: "The billionaire’s pandemic investments, like much of his work, remain a secret."

I don't begrudge Gates his wealth yet there are increasingly worrisome ways in which he's sought to profit in the name of charity. The revelations in February article are probably not news to committed Gates watchers, but some in the earlier report are jaw-droppers.

I knew Gates was deeply involved with vaccines but I had no idea until reading The Nation report of the extent to which he had promoted AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine. At this moment the vaccine is in such trouble there are predictions it will bite the dust. I'll assume that Gates is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening, but that's just the problem -- his power, no small part of which is derived from showing how to make big profits from humanitarian causes, now more than equals his wealth.

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