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What to do for Covid patients in India who have trouble breathing and can't get oxygen (Revised 2 X)

I'm directing this to doctors who are treating Covid patients that have severe difficulty breathing.

Given that blood oxygen drops in patients with severe symptoms of Covid, and given that the antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin  C increase blood oxygen, I'm suggesting that doctors treating patients with Covid-caused  hypoxemia initially administer between 2,000 and 4,000 IU of Vitamin E.  (D-alpha tocopherol alone or with 'mixed' tocopherols beta and gamma.)  

At the same time, administer at least 10,000 mg of Vitamin C (preferably in powdered form and buffered with a milk product to prevent stomach upset, which can occur if megadoses of C are taken for an extended period.)       

NOTE:  Vitamin E cannot be absorbed by eating unless it's taken with fat. Any kind of fat -- butter, ghee, vegetable oil, fatty meat, etc.  

If the patient can't eat solid food, pierce the Vitamin E gel caps and squeeze the oils into vegetable oil or ghee or any fatty food that has been liquified, then spoon-feed the mixture to the patient. 

Vitamin E can be absorbed through the skin.  So the gel capsule can be pierced and the contents mixed with a salve and rubbed into the patient's skin. I don't know the absorption rate for this kind of administration but you can try doubling the initial dose.  

Additional considerations regarding Vitamin E:

> If there is dramatic breathing improvement in the patient within moments of absorbing an initial dose, administer at least another 2,000 IU of Vitamin E and monitor. Repeat about every 2-4 hours but remember that each dose of Vitamin E must be taken with some kind of fat.

> Keep in mind there is a high need for Vitamin E in people who've been severely depleted in the vitamin for long periods.   


> Because the synthetic type of E ("dl-") would have to be taken in very large doses to approximate the pure form,  it's better to use the pure d-alpha tocopherol. It would be the same for the mixed tocopherols.

>  How long to continue the mega-doses of Vitamin E?  Until the patient can breathe more easily on his own or receives oxygen. A maintenance dose could be as high as 400 IU three times per day with meals, totaling 1,200 IU.

NOTE:  Because Vitamin E is a blood thinner, patients on  blood-thinning medications who receive mega-doses of Vitamin E should be under a doctor's care. 

Vitamin C

>  The powdered form of Vitamin C can be mixed with juice and sipped. It can also be mixed into a salve and rubbed on the patient's skin.

>  After the initial dose of 10,000 mg, administer at least 5,000 mg of Vitamin C every half hour for several hours. A maintenance dose for a Covid patient would vary but at least 1,000 mg every half hour until the patient is recovered.  

>  Vitamin C has been administered intravenously to Covid patients, but to my knowledge in much smaller doses (1,500 mg 3-4 times a day) than I've suggested. See this report published in March 2020 about intravenous Vitamin C treatment for Covid patients; there are probably more recent reports on the topic available on the internet.

The allover point is that vitamins C and E oxygenate the blood; in the absence of oxygen treatment they can be life-savers. 


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