Friday, May 20

The West"s "cosmic cretenism" LOL

"... on the one hand, insane sanctions are imposed against us, on the other hand, they demand to supply food. It doesn't work that way, we're not idiots."
The Americans are thinking of banning Russia from paying our debt obligations in dollars. Not a bad decision for us.

First, everyone understands that this is a political default, not a financial one. Russia is able to repay any of its obligations in any currency, if not to create artificial problems for it. Therefore, it will not affect the real financial reputation of our country. It should also be remembered that such actions of the United States, creating technical interference with the fulfillment of obligations, should be considered by the court either as force majeure or as culpable behavior of the creditor.

Secondly, our money in this case will not receive the American holders of debt securities themselves. And through the fault of his own country. Biden's strong move, building confidence in his financial system amid inflation and the energy crisis.

Thirdly, it is possible to fulfill these obligations in rubles, and this will also be their proper fulfillment in such conditions.

Or you cannot pay at all. And use the unspent money for those purposes that American marasmatics will not like very much. As the saying goes, he laughs best who laughs last...

The UN Secretary-General, the various sullivans and blinkins, who suddenly appeared, like a devil from a snuffbox, the "grain seven" (clearly not magnificent), some other particularly wretched Europeans spoke like the unforgettable Kisa Sparrows: Je ne mange pas six jours! [I don't eat six days!] 

That was to be expected. Here's why.

1. Countries importing our wheat and other food products will have a very hard time without supplies from Russia. And in European and other fields without our fertilizers, only a juicy weed will grow. Well... Mournfully. It's their own fault.

Now it looks like the West is backtracking. Once again, it was confirmed that a penny is the price of all these hellish sanctions when it comes to vital things. About the supply of energy resources, in order to heat the house. About food to feed people. About the millions of citizens who need one thing from politicians: the opportunity to live normally, calmly and safely. Sanctions prevent this. And NATO enlargement is getting in the way. And a mess with settlements on debts, payments and so on. And most of all it interferes with your own cosmic cretinism.

So, it's time to listen not to the trumpet voice of advisers from overseas, but to common sense. It's more useful in every way.

2. I spoke about this today with the president of one of the African countries – Namibia. By the way, our African friends understand this. And they understand that rich countries impose sanctions to make the poor poorer. And to force sanctioned patients to behave correctly under the threat of food riots. Americans and Europeans will not remain without food, although they are extremely expensive. Moreover, it is ordinary Europeans who will pay these three prices, and not those in power. Our country is ready to fulfill its obligations in full. But he also expects assistance from trading partners, including on international platforms. And then it turns out illogically: on the one hand, insane sanctions are imposed against us, on the other hand, they demand to supply food. It doesn't work that way, we're not idiots.
I would like to stress once again that there are no exports to the detriment of our market. Food for the citizens of Russia is a sacred matter.

3. No one has harvested crops on TV or the Internet yet. This requires fields and agricultural machinery, fertilizers and hands accustomed to sowing and harvesting bread, and not signing stupid decisions. Russia knows how to do this, we have every opportunity to ensure that other countries have food and that food crises do not happen. Just don't stop us from working.


H/T Ukraine update & Wheat for Rubles has collective west in panic mode - YouTube -The Duran May 20

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