Saturday, January 14

NATO miscalculated in Ukraine

Russian Armed Forces Gaining Momentum In Donbass Following Liberation Of Soledar - South Front - January 13

"This whole house of cards in Ukraine will collapse, sooner than Washington realizes."

Quote from Douglas Macgregor This is MUCH worse than they're telling you | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris - YouTube - January 14

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Russia Missile Strike, Advances Bakhmut; German Criticism Tank Transfers, US Navy Stocks Depleted - YouTube -  Alexander Mercouris - January 14

Summary of Russian Army strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure facilities [today]:

Targets were hit in the following cities and regions
▪️Kyiv and region
▪️Odessa and region
▪️Nikolaev region
▪️Dnepropetrovsk and region
▪️Krivoy Rog
▪️Vinnytsia and region
▪️Ternopil region
▪️Ivano-Frankivsk region
▪️Sumy region
▪️Lviv region

We are aware of blackouts and power outages in the following cities and regions:
▪️Zaporozhye region
▪️Zhytomyr region
▪️Vinnytsia region

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