Wednesday, March 15

This is why India keeps rising and rising


"Chai Chaiya Chaiya" by A. R. Rahman from the 1988 megahit Bollywood movie "Dil Se."  Your eyes do not deceive you and there is no trick photography. The entire troupe is singing, dancing, hopping, twirling on the roofs of a steam-locomotive train going at least 40 mph over mountain trestles.

India is forever young.  



Himanshu said...

the choreographer, Farah Khan's original plan was to shoot the song at the Ooty Railway Station. But life had other, better plans. Farah Khan once revealed that the reason they shot the song on top of a train was because they could not get the required permissions to shoot at the Ooty railway station. indian are good at Jugaad (getting things done by hook or by crook). India is jugaading and jugaading.

Pundita said...

"India is jugaading and jugaading" [smiling]. Yes. But that train scene is really something.