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Wednesday, November 16

Pundita Encore

Pundita is finally off to her vacation! I will check back in at this blog on December 3. This morning I set up a new blog Pundita Encore, which republishes selected Pundita essays. At this point I don't know whether the entries will be on a daily basis, although I'd like to aim for that.

I don't know how much I'll edit the original essays for republication, although I'd like to spruce them up. It will depend on my mood and how much time I have to fiddle with them.

I've said before that I greatly appreciate that you've taken the time to read my writings. There, I've said it again! Thanks also to readers who wrote with comments and questions. I do not think I'll return to blogging on a daily basis, at least not for the duration of this year. For now, events have overtaken me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards to all,
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