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Pundita posts on John Batchelor's Middle East trip

I've consolidated all my posts this week on Batchelor's Middle East trip into this one except for the post about the New York Daily News article (See John Batchelor and the sleepless era of news)

Monday, December 5
Breaking News! World Net Daily reports that John will broadcast tonight from a truck parked near an Israeli Defense Forces artillery outpost in a Negev town that borders Gaza.
The artillery unit is regularly used by the IDF to fire at rocket launching sites in Gaza following Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks at Jewish communities in the border area.
Aaron Klein, WND's Jerusalem Bureau Chief, will join John in the truck and help him host the show.
A good portion of tonight's show will focus on Israel's upcoming parliamentary and prime ministerial elections, and the aftershooks of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's evacuation of Jewish communities this past summer from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.
And -- what's this?
Batchelor and Klein will broadcast from various Mideast hot spots all week.
Hot spots... hot spots... now I wonder where those might be?

For more on tonight's broadcast, check out the WND report and check John's website (after 9:00 PM, ET) for a complete description of the Monday lineup.

Wednesday, December 7
John Batchelor chats up three Most Wanted terrorists
If you missed Tuesday's program, you didn't only miss reporting on the war on terror; you missed the war on terror. You also missed a demonstration of great intelligence gathering work.

Funniest moment: When one of the terrorists graciously agreed to stay on the line for an ABC station break. (They could only stay on their cell phones for a few moments at a time because the IDF was working overtime to track the signals.)

The interviews might be available from the Audio Intelligence section (as MP3) within 24 hours or so. Check Batchelor's website.

Batchelor will be broadcasting from the Middle East all week. The show is from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM on many stations but if you can listen via WMAL-AM (Washington, DC) on the Internet, you can also pick up the 9:00 PM-10:00 PM segment. Same for listening via satellite radio. Check Batchelor's website for details and also to listen via Internet if your radio ABC affiliate station does not carry the show.

Thursday, December 8
John Batchelor broadcasting from Damascus tonight
I think that's where he's going to be broadcasting from tonight, from a WorldNetDaily report. Anyhow, he's still in the Middle East. Check at the website after 9:00 PM for tonight's schedule and to listen via the Internet.

Batchelor, Klein on to Jordan and Syria
Stay tuned. Here's what's available so far at Batchelor's website of the audio record (MP3) of the Dec 6 interviews with terrorist leaders:

Khalid el Batsh, Deputy Commander of Hamas, interviewed by John Batchelor, Aaron Klein & Larry Kudlow. Aired December 6, 2005.

Abu Abir, Spokesman and senior leader for the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza, interviewed by John Batchelor, Aaron Klein & Larry Kudlow. Translation by Fawaz Gerges. Aired December 6, 2005. Note: only part 3 available.

I am hoping there will be an audio archive of the second interview with Abu Abir (on Wednesday show). Makes an interesting comparison to the Tuesday interview.

Also, there is an audio archive of the Dec 6 interview with Saeb Erekat, Chief Palestinain Negotiator, interviewed by John Batchelor & Aaron Klein.

"You know what you are" Klein denied Syria visa because he is Jewish
Sixth question on visa questionnaire is "Religion?" John Batchelor answered, "Protestant." When Aaron refused to answer, the official told Aaron, "You know what you are," and denied Aaron's visa.

So John Batchelor and Aaron are broadcasting from Amman, Jordan tonight.

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