Wednesday, December 7

Pundita's 2005 Weblog Awards: the polite version

Sudan Watch
For reporting on atrocities and human rights abuses in Sudan and other countries; for fingering the world's biggest scoundrels and for calling again and again to conscience.

Sumedh Mungee
For discourses on ICT innovations/business and how they are shaping this era; for windows on India's role in the ICT era and the impact on global rural development.

Simon World
For courage in hammering away from inside China at China's regime about democracy issues.

Untimely Thoughts
For expert analysis of Russia's vast transitions in this era and their global impact.

American Future
For massive research projects of importance to US foreign/defense policy.

The Fourth Rail
For consistently delivering a coherent, informative picture of US military progress in Iraq.

Belmont Club
The war's most formidable polemicist.

The Glittering Eye
The blogger's blog -- finds, tracks and analyzes blogs to watch and thoughtful essays on the full spectrum of issues. Also, for those who consume heavy-duty news virtually 24/7, a place to escape for a few minutes and remember the simple things in life.

Honorable Mention
Winds of Change
Not a blog but a showcase for thoughtful blogger essays and debates on war-related issues and a portal to GWOT sites and news stories.

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