Thursday, December 15

Ride of the Gold Dinar Fairy (to music of Ride of the Valkyries)

December 14, 11:20 PM Pundita email to correspondent:

"Dun dun dun DUN dun dun dun DUN! Bashy dissed King Notdullah! Go get him, Sire! (Listening to Seffy) Ooof thud just fell off chair laughing"

For those who have not followed Pundita's blog since early days (and the John Batchelor show), Bashy is my name for Bashar al-Assad; King Notdullah is my name for Saudi King Abdullah; and Seffy is Yossef Bodansky, who frequently reports to John Batchelor's audience about GWOT. Right now Seffy is focusing on Assad's attempts to hang on to his power.

Assad can thumb his nose all he wants at the UN Security Council but he has made a serious mistake by insulting a very sharp (not dull) ruler who is about twice his age. Saudi King Abdullah tried to give Assad a face-saving out (for Arab solidaity and all that) and Assad threw it back in his face. You don't diss old kings in that part of the world if you're a whippersnapper.

I almost feel sorry for people whose idea of following the war is limited to finding as many bricks as possible to hurl at the US effort in Iraq. They are missing out on the ground floor of a new world era. And they are now so far behind the curve of events, they can't hope to make sense out of the war.

As to the Gold Dinar Fairy, I hotly dispute that she's a figment of my imagination although I've never actually seen her. She's sort of an Arab version of Tinkerbell and the Tooth Fairy rolled into one. Translation: Money talks, nobody walks.

So we'll see whose checking account is bigger: House of Saud or Iran's regime. As for Assad's banking account, I suspect he's transferring what funds he has left to Switzerland but Tehran's oil bankroll is still keeping Assad's regime afloat.

Okay; Pundita will settle down now. I'm giddy because of election day in Iraq. Three cheers for the Iraqi voters and the Coalition and Iraqi troops! Remember all the talk in 2002, 2003 about Arabs not being capable of self rule? Take this, you trash talking -- tsk! tsk! be gracious in victory, Pundita. From the the Scotsman (UK):
Strong turnout in Iraq elections
Iraqis have voted in a historic parliamentary election, with strong turnout reported in Sunni Arab areas that had shunned balloting last January [...] Several explosions rocked Baghdad as the polls opened [...] But violence overall was light and did not appear to discourage Iraqis, some of whom turned out wrapped in their country's flag on a bright, sunny day [...]

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