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Friday, May 30

And he wonders whether I'm serious or not

So how serious are you about quitting blogging? I can't decide whether this is part of a dramatic underscoring of the [Ob**ma] Problem, or whether you really mean to quit.

Anyway, I don't know if you have seen this one yet. The Chinese may have copied the contents of the Secretary of Commerce's laptop when he was visiting China.
Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna

In other developing news Dan Riehl has managed once again to help me stave off medication.

Warning to all fellow hate-mongers: DO NOT have anything in your mouth such as coffee or Fritos when you read the prize-winning worst poem.

Also, I am told that Dan has more news on ACORN and O**ma but as my doctors are not allowing me to discuss, read or hear anything connected with Ob**ma, I have no idea what the news may be.

I had to bribe another orderly to learn that Yid with lid has a guest post at RezkoWatch about a new revelation concerning Ob**ma and the Chicago Democratic Socialist of America Party.

The most important news of the day in my now very well-protected world is that a hate-filled Canadian rock group has been hateful enough to compose and sing a song about the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Now I must return to my beadwork.
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