Saturday, May 3

China apologists and lobbies, meet the blogosphere's Madame Defarge

Do you hear a rumbling sound accompanied by squeals and squeaks? That's the sound of world opinion against China getting set to blow, as high-ranking CCP officials, CEOs of major corporations doing business in China, thousands of foreign office employees around the world, and legions of CCP flunkies try to stop a volcanic eruption by throwing disinformation at it.

Events have been moving very fast since the Lhasa riots erupted on March 14. Governments and corporations doing big trade with China are learning the hard way that for decades every intelligent, well-informed person on the planet has been listening with growing anger as China's brutal communist system has been marketed as the wave of the future.

So the riots didn't start a trend; they were only the match to dry tinder. China's government still hasn't gotten that part right:

'B-b-b-but the Han and Hui Chinese were the victims of Tibetan cruelty in Lhasa, so why are we cast as the villain by the mainstream media?'

Because China's government has been caught so many times telling whoppers that today if a CCP officials says, "Hello," the knee-jerk reaction is, "That's a lie!"

This is just why China's disinformation campaign isn't working this time; for such campaigns to work the target population must be willing to believe something of what you say. If the mere fact of your speaking is considered a trick, propagandists and influence agents have a hard time getting their message across.

So the panic in boardrooms and officialdom is not so much over negative press about the Olympics as over the rabble's obstinate refusal to swallow another fish tale.

This hasn't stopped the smoke blowers from trying to match wits with the rabble. Where are my knitting needles?

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