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Saturday, September 13

In the eye of the storm

1:20 AM, Eastern time (12:20 AM in Galveston, on Central time)
"I am watching Galveston TV. The rain is in the counties. The eye is closing on the coast. Tide is up to 12 feet at Galveston pier. Eye wall gets closer to the pier. High water tide, the bay. 12 feet gets up to 15 or 17."

1:24 AM, ET
Oh thank God it's less than 20 feet. But that's not even the storm surge yet; right? That's just the tide and the wind-driven waves.

1:25 AM
"No that is the surge."

1:28 AM
Do you know if it's still heading straight for Galveston Bay? I haven't listened to the news since around 11:00; will return to TV soon after taking break.

1:29 AM
"Yes, is on shore on Galveston Island. Clearing and the wind drops. Pounding Texas City, heavy rain band in Freeport, 83 mph wind gusts. Galveston Pier now at 12 feet. Not bad.

Hurricane wind downtown at 69mph. No rainfall."

2:00 AM
Thanks for update. Turned on Fox News again around 1:45 AM and there was Geraldo, back outside the hotel in Galveston, grinning from ear the ear. The winds and rain have clearly died down since last I saw him at his post, maybe around 10:30 PM. The Fox weather lady telling him that the eye of the storm is now right above his head.

Geraldo tells of some first responders, seeing the sudden calm, found a picnic table, dragged it atop the seawall, then sat at the table with beer mugs and snapped photographs of each other. The story was funny and comforting. Man and beer triumph over killer storm.

One confusing point: weather lady said the surge had not yet hit although maybe I misunderstood. Anyhow, Galveston has a couple hours calm before the massive eye (60 miles wide, I think she said) moves out.

2:55 AM
"Cat 2
12 feet surge
725 k power outtages
Refineries ok
eye over Galveston Island"

2:58 AM
Oh. My. God. That means we dodged the worst. Now maybe I can catch some sleep.
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