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Sunday, September 7

Lies, damned lies, and the Obama way of explaining things

The Real Barack Obama (RBO) has a new look but the same great researcher, who puts the U.S. news media to shame when it comes to filling in the many lapses in Barack Obama's memory and the numerous gaps in record keeping associated with his political career.

Here RBO analyzes the Friends of Barack Obama online campaign reports posted by the Illinois State Board of Election and notes:
Unfortunately, as with all of Sen. Obama’s paper trails, these records are likewise incomplete.
RBO's patient sifting of dry dollar figures brings into sharp relief that it was not only the recently convicted criminal Tony Rezko's contribution that launched Obama's first run for the Illinois State Senate:
It was Rezko and [Al] Johnson together. Coincidentally (or not), this is the same Rezko and Johnson who, a few years later, wanted to open a casino in Rosemont, near the airport, and allow casinos on riverboats docked strategically near Chicago’s downtown. [...]
In two subsequent posts RBO fills in more of the blanks about the contributions and the people who made them:

Friends of Obama–1995 and Friends of Obama - 1996.
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