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Tuesday, July 20

America's technocratic oligarchy: the greatest threat to U.S. democracy

From Zenpundit's review of Codevilla's very scary assessment:
[...] Claremont scholar and Boston U. international relations professor Angelo Codevilla has published in The American Spectator a very lengthy, often brilliant, sometimes meandering, essay that is part analysis, part cri de coeur, but primarily the most devastating attack on America’s emerging, bipartisan, technocratic oigarchy that I have ever read [...]

Our oligarchy is in its newborn infancy, but it is hungry for power, venal in its corruption, covetous of security, impatient of democratic accountability and intolerant of dissent.

Beware of legislative moves, cloaked in high-sounding phrases, to regulate speech, circumscribe criticism of public officials, grant police powers to private corporations like BP, tax farm the many to benefit the few, and generally exclude the public from important policy decisions by making citizen participation in governmental process more complex, opaque, indirect, financially burdensome and personally risky. [...]
Read the rest of Zen's review, excerpts from Codevilla's essay, and get links to the essay and several related topics here.

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