Monday, July 26

Groveling Song in the Key of C

Whereupon President Barack Obama, leader of the world's most powerful nation, and Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the world's most powerful military, prepare for an audience with General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army......


"Fwhat key? B Fwat?"

"Fno. C."

"Fokay. Fready?"

"Fwait. [coughs] Mi mi mi mi. [toots C on the harmonica] Okay, fready."

"O Dear Feneral Kfayani!
Fwe don't deserve the honor when you walk across our back!
O feneral of fenerals!
Fwe are overcome with graftitude fwhen you boot us in the ass!
Fwe're not worthy to grovel at your precious fweet
But if we're to kfeep covering ffor you
Could you kick out ffewer of our teeth?"