Friday, March 17

How did "Lord of the Dance" become a quintessential Irish song?

Well, if a Romano-Briton could become the patron saint of Ireland, if an Englishman could be inspired by the dancing American Shakers and India's Lord Shiva striking a dancing pose to write a hymn to Jesus Christ as a dancer, I see no arguable reason why Lord of the Dance can't also be a pub song in Ireland, especially on this day. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! May the Irish in all their wonderful contradictions live forever!

Here is another version of Lord of the Dance by The Dubliners some decades after the 1977 live recording above; this time a studio recording with Irish fluting added. 

Comment at YouTube for the second version: "I'm Sikh and I love the tune."  

Yuppers; there are some songs that soar past differences and this is one of them.


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