Friday, January 4

Pope Francis and demonic possession

Some years ago I explained on this blog why I believe that Francis is not the real Pope, that Benedict is still Pope and will remain so until his death. Without going over old ground I would ask the Church authorities to consider that the longer they hail a  pretender as the Pope, the more Catholics are plagued by demonic possession.  

Francis doesn't seem to have made the connection; he's just seeing demons popping up everywhere he looks. This has prompted him to give exercised public warnings about the dangers of demonic possession.

Francis also doesn't seem to notice that since he was installed as Pope, witchcraft practices have skyrocketed in countries where Roman Catholicism is practiced including right here in the USA.

None of the above observations say anything, one way or another, about Francis' sincerity. And he didn't install himself on the papal throne. But the spiritual power that Jesus transmitted to the disciple he named Peter, and which Peter then transmitted at the point of his death to his designated successor, and so on down the line, is no small matter. The Vatican hierarchy has clearly lost sight of this fact. 

So now they're in a real pickle because even if they admit to the truth among themselves they can't reinstall Benedict; they would be afraid of the consequences for the Church.

There might be a way to thread the camel through the needle but instead of thinking things through, the Vatican sprang into executive action. And so hundreds of priests from Catholic churches around the world are being put through the Vatican's exorcism training to battle a veritable pandemic of demonic possessions.  

This is Shoot Yourself in the Foot leadership, where all the Vatican is doing is giving more power to demonic forces than they could muster on their own.

And when things get to the point where a pop singer (Celine Dion) can't launch a 'gender-neutral' children's clothing line without being accused of deviltry by a Catholic priest, this is an outright onslaught on the meaning and power of the teachings of Jesus. And the attack is coming not from the outside but from inside the Church.

Roman Catholicism isn't the only religious sect presently undergoing great internal turmoil, but the root cause is always the same: Confusion about who protects the teachings. And so I would say to that Catholic priest, and the Vatican: Not you, you idiots.


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