Friday, January 11

"Syrian Air Defences Respond to Enemy Attack, Down Several Targets - Reports" BREAKING NEWS - UPDATED 6:20 PM ET

Sputnik breaking news  00:48 - 12.01.2019 . Details to follow


6:15 PM ET

Sputnik has updated their initial report, as follows. Note the file photo of an S-300 firing, and the caption (scroll across the photo) accompanying the update, which suggests, at least, that Syrian air defense deployed the Russian S-300 in the shootdowns. We'll learn more details later. For now:.     

(updated 01:28 - 12.01.2019)

Syrian air defenses have responded to an Israeli airstrike over Damascus and managed to shoot down several targets, local media reported.

According to Ikhbariya broadcaster, several targets have been shot down during an enemy attack over Damascus, Syria.

A military source told Syrian SANA news agency later that Israeli jets fired several missiles towards the vicinity of Damascus, most of the missiles were downed.

According to the source, the airstrikes caused damage to a warehouse at Damascus International Airport.

A source in Syrian Ministry of Transport confirmed to SANA later that the Damascus International Airport traffic was not affected by the strikes.

Previously, a Sputnik correspondent reported that Sounds of explosions were heard in Syria's capital of Damascus, noting that it was yet unclear what caused them.

The sounds of blasts were first heard at 11:30 p.m. (21:30 GMT) on Friday and they continued into Saturday.


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