Monday, February 24

So how's your immune system holding up these days?

Quote from a Reuters report today headlined Battle against coronavirus turns to Italy; Wall Street falls on pandemic fears.  
"Liang Wannian of China's National Health Commission said while the rapid rise had been halted [in China], the situation was still grim. He said over 3,000 medical staff had become infected, most in Hubei province surrounding Wuhan, probably due to the lack of protective gear and fatigue."
I note that the World Health Organization's list for the public of Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus doesn't include avoiding fatigue. It's only in the section "How to cope with stress during 2019-nCoV outbreak" that WHO gets around to mentioning the need for enough sleep in the context of maintaining a "healthy lifestyle," including 'proper diet, sleep, exercise, and social contacts' to cope with the stress of worrying about 2019-nCoV.


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