Tuesday, February 18

The Empress gives Wei Ying Luo a teaching about forbearance

One of the almost uncountable lessons from The Story of Yanxi Palace. (The series is 70 episodes.) It's something of a plot spoiler to show this part, but not in the grand sweep of the story's events. Here the emperor's wife gives a teaching to Wei Ying Luo, her favorite servant, who is hell-bent for justice to be served on two of the most powerful persons in the Forbidden City -- the emperor's brother, Hong Zhou, and the brother's mother, the Concubine Dowager Yu. 

Ying Luo is the empress's favorite for good reason; in short order her quick wits and courage foiled plots against the empress and others in the Forbidden City who didn't deserve a ghastly end. In doing so she's gotten into so much hot water that at one point when she's brought before the emperor he snaps, "You again."

Yes. But the empress's challenge is to keep Ying Luo alive -- and for this, Ying Luo must learn to control her temper and practice forbearance.  

A couple notes:

> The woman who is upset at learning Wei Ying Luo has been sent to the dowager's palace is the empress.  

> As to the hand that's referenced by the dowager -- a bloody severed hand was placed in the ice chest that the dowager received, and she blames Ying Luo, who as much admits she did it.

You can start at the 25 minute mark, which provides a few minutes of background to the empress's conversation with Ying Luo, which ends at the 39:17 mark:

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