Saturday, April 7

Nancy Pelosi, the next Pussycat Doll? And a new view of multipolarity.

Only Dan Riehl would think to caption a pix of a scarfed Nancy Pelosi with the words, "I went to Syria and all I got was this lousy scarf." A reader asked why I had no comment on Nancy Pelosi's strip -- er, trip -- to Syria. Why should I comment when Dan says it all? And in such evocative language!
Pelosi Got Played
Speakerette San Fran Nanny Pelosi has embarrassed the United States by misrepresenting important details of her visit to the Middle East and allowed herself to be played like a strung out pole dancer in a sleazy night club not even on the main strip.

The Prime Minister's Office has strongly denied that Israel relayed a message to Syria, accepting its calls to renew peace negotiations.

In a special statement of clarification, the bureau stressed that Olmert had told Pelosi that Israel continued to regard Syria as "part of the axis of evil and a party encouraging terrorism in the entire Middle East."

According to sources at the Prime Minister's Office, "Pelosi took part of the things that were said in the meeting, and used what suited her." [...]
Aaargh! I can't get an image out of my mind of Ms. Pelosi pole dancing while wearing a pink feather boa.

I can't blame Dan for the boa; Pundita mentioned recently that she's been gorging on reality shows, which include Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. Now just see what an education I'm getting; a Pussycat Doll is never far from a pole and her pink feather boa.

Eeek! I've just had a vision of ambassadors from governments that espouse multipolarity wearing pink feather boas and pole dancing. Why O why did I visit Dan Riehl's site this morning! lol

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