Friday, September 28

"Australian envoy says Myanmar death toll much higher" than official count

This is not surprising, given that troops were firing machine guns into crowds of protestors. And we don't know what happened to the hundreds of monks, some of them badly beaten, who were hauled away by the military. The following wire report is via the Philippine's Inquirer. The outlet carries additional informative reports on the Burma situation.
Agence France-Presse
Last updated 02:09pm (Mla time) 09/28/2007

SYDNEY -- Australia's ambassador to Myanmar said on Friday that the number of deaths there from the military crackdown was much higher than the official numbers given by the regime.

The ambassador, Bob Davis, said the secretive junta had provided a death toll of 10 from the crackdown on mass protests against the regime.

But he told ABC radio that witnesses had reported to embassy officials that they had seen "significantly more than that number of dead being removed from the scene of the demonstrations in central Yangon yesterday (Thursday)."

The real death toll was "several multiples of the 10 acknowledged by the authorities," he said.

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