Saturday, September 1

Plausible deniability no longer easy for terrorists and their apologists

Jeffrey Breinholt writes for The Counterterrorism Blog about the Investigate Project on Terrorism launch of their new free website:
Anyone with access to the Internet can now see and hear audio and video recordings of Islamic American leaders making statements that have frequently been denied.

[...] those legally charged with the responsibility of “due diligence” and knowing the details of the Islamic threat to our institutions – journalists, academics, bankers, and government officials - will no longer be able to claim plausible deniability. Steve Emerson and his staff, led by Michael Fechter, have performed an amazing public service.

The website is an absolute boom for those of us involved in public commentary and education about counterterrorism. Now, we can finally get beyond debates over whether someone actually said or wrote something to the more interesting question of the implications. I expect the debates to get sharper, and the analysis more refined, since there will no longer be disagreements over basic facts.

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