Wednesday, July 9

Oh great! Just great! Just what we need right now: a bunch of lunatics showing off their firepower.

From John Batchelor's site:
Speaking Sunday 13 (I hope) with my best source re the surprising multiple rocket launches shown on Tehran TV and then worldwide on Wednesday 9, and we will explore the reason the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenai, and the Supreme Leader's representatives (Guardians of the Mahdi), directed the Sepah/Pasdaran (Army of the Guardians) High Command to show off so much coordinated rocket-red-glaring firepower and troop deployment on a steamy July day.

I am told to think of the Tehran leadership as a STAVKA -- the supreme command gathered around Stalin and his marshals in the Great Patriotic War.

Accordingly, with what we know and can deduce from watching the Tehran STAVKA in the media, there are many pieces of the Tehran puzzle to be put together, albeit incompletely, with fresh information received in this news cycle from my best signals sources: [...]
Read the rest of the fun developments.

I think I need another vacation.

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