Sunday, February 15

Durban 2: Should the U.S. boycott or attend?

The Weekly Standard has praise for Canada's decision to boycott the United Nations' second conference on racism -- the first conference being a hatefest against Israel and Jews.

I appreciate the desire to refuse to give credence to a dangerous farce. The other side is that it's unwise to cede even an inch of turf to the enemy.

The United Nations is an American invention that was supported by the civilized nations. In recent decades the U.N. has fallen under the control of thugs. Either go or stay; if the U.S. wants to stay with the U.N. -- all cops know they can't take back the streets from gangs by holing up in the station house.

So it is with caution that I support President Obama's decision that the U.S. presence at Durban 2 can "change the direction in which the review conference is heading."

I'm willing to see if his envoys can execute his orders. That would be putting Obama's urban street smarts to good use.

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