Monday, February 16

Rumbles in Canada about Buy America mandate in U.S. stimulus bill

Great idea! Start a trade war with our Number One trading partner! That's just what we need to stave off boredom about the economic crisis engulfing the planet. John Batchelor has the latest on the Buy America mess.

But has Congress never heard of NAFTA? How could they be that stupid not to exclude Canada from the Buy America language, which is stupid to begin with?

What's Obama going to do when he arrives in Ottawa on Thursday? Tell Harper behind closed doors, 'We don't mean it?'

Canada's unions have already called for a tit-for-tat Buy Canada mandate.

For background on the growing list of global protectionist measures, which include the 'backdoor' financial-commerce protectionism that can fly under the radar of WTO rules, read The Washington Post's February 1 report.

Here's a tip for our new President: I think maybe you should read all 1,000 or so pages of the stimulus bill before you sign it. And you might also want to read up on NAFTA, which by the way means "North American Free Trade Agreement."
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