Saturday, May 2

John Batchelor Show A/H1N1 Pandemic Alert Special

Note that the KFI portion of the show is now simulcast at WABC. That means the entire six-hour show can now be heard at one radio station/online streaming link. That's great news for Batchelor listeners, and for the show.
John's show this Sunday will feature five segments with excellent guests to discuss H1N1 and related issues. Below is an outline of the segments and the time of their airing, taken from the show schedule.

See the website for links to live streaming links to both parts of the show, the complete schedule for this Sunday, links to reports quoted in the excerpts below, and John's posts on the H1N1 outbreak.

WABC/WMAL Simulcast (Eastern Time)
705P Eastern Time: Adriel Bettlheim, Congressional Quarterly, re the Obama administration responds to the A/H1N1 outbreak, re the press conference on the outbreak, re the sudden revelation of an advance White House op testing positive for the mid-April visit to Mexico City

805P: Betsy McKay, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta chief, re the search for the origins of A/H1N1, the search for Patient Zero, not Edgar Hernandez of La Gloria, Veracruz, but is it the children in San Diego and Imperial counties? Oaxaca Hunts for Its Flu Victims. The Age of Pandemics
KFI-AM 640/WABC-AM 770 Simulcast (Pacific Time)
705P Pacific Time: Henry Miller, Hoover Institution, re the A/H1N1 outbreak Rapid Spread Makes Pandemic Likely Hong Kong to Quarantine 300 The Age of Pandemics Henry I. Miller: Understanding Swine Flu

720P: Elizabeth Lopatto, Bloomberg, re Killer Pandemic of 1918 Gives Lessons on Limiting Flu, re the WHO declares the new A/H1N1 virus does not closely resemble the 1918 flu.

920P: Jason Gale, Bloomberg, at Singapore, re the A/H1N1 defenses in Asia, re fresh reports of outbreak in Asia.

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