Friday, May 22


Three posts up this morning; none them about swine flu, although Doc Jim left very interesting observations related to the flu issue in NYC in the comment section for the "Governmentarian" post. Other interesting new comments/data links in the comment sections of the most recent swine flu posts.

I'll try to put up a post today about swine flu although if it happens it'll probably be late, around 8:00 PM ET. Otherwise the next post will be on Tuesday morning.

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Michael J. Kubat said...


Since write so extensively on the swine flu…

Don’t know if you’d had a chance to pick up on these stories, but the Czech Internet news site iDNES ( reported 18 cases of swine flu among U.S. troops in Kuwait. The troops were reportedly in transit via Kuwait; some were quarantined there, others flown out for treatment elsewhere. IDNES also says that, on Friday, Russia announced its first case and Italy closed two middle schools in Rome due to four cases. Germany has 17 cases so far, the latest in a family of four in Duesseldorf (3 infected, 1 healthy).

Michael J. Kubat

Pundita said...

Thank you very much for the data; I was unaware about the outbreak of swine flu among U.S. troops in Kuwait.

There was an incident in the past week or two in which an American enroute from the USA to Iraq came down with a fever at a stopover in Turkey and luckily this was caught before he re-boarded the flight or changed planes. From the report it seems he was ill with swine flu -- although whether that was confirmed I haven't had time to check out.

I skim through many news reports every day on swine flu but of course I still miss much information -- and often an update to a news report brings fresh data that I miss.

I am particularly interested in reports about a first known case of swine flu arriving in a country via plane.

When you see such reports, and if you have the time, please don't hesitate to forward them to me. (The same request goes out to all readers.)

Thank you -- and again, thank you for taking the time to pass along data.

Michael J. Kubat said...

Follow-on to my note yesterday about swine flu in Kuwait...

The Czech news service had apparently gotten the info from the Flu Tracker ( I went there to check it out and voila, it is indeed so, with a neat interactive map.