Wednesday, November 25

Starting Monday John Batchelor Show goes to seven nights a week

Well, John Batchelor is finally back where he started in 2001 -- back on New York City's 77 WABC-AM weeknights from 9 PM to 1 AM. The weeknight show will join the weekend one in syndication. Check your local WABC-affiliated radio station for details.

It's almost Thanksgiving so I'll refrain from making sarcastic, bitter, venomous, and all-around nasty comments about the radio biz. I will be polite and only observe about all the MESS at WABC and ABC Radio Network in 2006 that removed John's daily show that all's well that ends well.

Welcome back, John!

As to how he's going to keep up the pace seven nights a week, I guess he'll cross that bridge when he comes to it.

The question is whether he'll find time to crank out daily schedules for posting at his website. The weekend schedules he puts out have spoiled me.

From All Access, the music/radio industry internet rag:
CITADEL Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK is expanding weekend host JOHN BATCHELOR to weeknights 9p-1a ET starting MONDAY (11/30). The move into the slot presently occupied by CITADEL MEDIA's CURTIS SLIWA follows the recent launch of BATCHELOR's weekend show into syndication by WABC.

General Manager STEVE BORNEMAN said, "BATCHELOR's SATURDAY and SUNDAY ratings have been so explosive, it's a logical move to expand the program to weeknights."

Program Director LAURIE CANTILLO added, "BATCHELOR offers a road map for understanding our fast-changing world at a time when listeners are hungrier for information than ever before." [...]

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