Friday, August 27

One brave lady: Venezuelan beauty queen's seven-star protest against Chavez regime

So what's brave about Stefania Fernandez, the outgoing 2009 Miss Universe, holding up her country's flag during the 2010 Miss Universe contest last week? The flag is missing the eighth star that Hugo Chavez added to it.

On August 26 Power Line blogger Scott Johnson belatedly caught the significance of Fernandez's gesture, which was missed (or studiously ignored) by the U.S. news media. Fausta's blog picked up on Johnson's find, adding links to the article he highlighted on Venezuela's incredibly high murder rate since Chavez took office, which reportedly now tops that of every current war zone in the world.

Since Chavez decreed the eight-star flag, which is his tribute to Simon Bolivar, the country's original seven-star flag has become a symbol of protest for Venezuelans who support democracy against Chavez's totalitarian regime.

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