Thursday, June 16

Pak military cuts off food and water to Americans at drone base; U.S. companies still selling war equipment to Pakistan

June 15, The New York Times:
The Pakistanis have already blocked the supply of food and water to the base used for the drones, a senior American official said, adding that they were gradually "strangling the alliance" by making things difficult for the Americans in Pakistan.
June 15, The Washington Post:
[T]he U.S. military still supplies the Pakistani military with new, sophisticated intelligence collection and communications equipment.

The Army Communications and Electronics Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground recently put out a notice signaling that it may need contractors to train members of the Pakistani military on how to use a new "Ground Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (GISR) system."

Developed by DRS Technologies, a high-tech military contractor based in New Jersey, the system intercepts and locates the sources of enemy communications and then permits continued monitoring of them. It also allows users to quickly analyze the collected data, including visual material, "to provide mission-critical intelligence to the warfighter."

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