Thursday, September 27

Breaking - State has removed its staff from Tripoli embassy (UPDATED 7:05 PM EDT)

Report on FNC (Fox News at 6:00 PM EDT. State announced the move was temporary. FNC has no information at this point on why all personnel were moved.

UPDATE 18:49 PM EDT from the Beeb:
(BBC) The United States is temporarily removing further staff from its embassy in the Libyan capital, the state department has said.

It said staff were being withdrawn from Tripoli for security reasons.
A statement on the website of the US embassy in Tripoli warned that demonstrations were possible in both the capital and Benghazi on Friday.

"This is a temporary further drawdown of staff for security reasons," a state department official said in New York.

"We will review our posture again early next week with the goal of restoring staff as soon as conditions allow."

It was not revealed how many staff were being withdrawn from Tripoli.

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