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Thursday, September 26

Housekeeping Notes

Last night I mistakenly posted a draft of O Brave New Economy! instead of the final version. The mistake was corrected at 2:20 this afternoon. The post has a linked list of all the earlier ones in the economic collectivism - police state series. The grand total for the series is 7.

A few days ago I revised From Tofu to Police State; with regret I deleted most of the discussion related to the foreign policy team because it distracted from the theme of the post, which was to expand on the definition of economic collectivism. I also gave the post a place (#4)in the ECPS series.

I reopened the comment section and it was immediately hit by waves of spam. I've kept the section closed for most of this blog's existence, which has spared me a great deal of hassle, and I might have to close it again, or else set up a lot of hoops to jump through, which discourages many readers from posting a comment. For now the section is open.


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