Saturday, February 24

Better late than never

The following list is an inset in The Telegraph's Feb 23 report, Standing desks 'increase pain' and slow down mental ability, study suggests, which questions the current fad for standing while using the computer. H/T Drudge Report. (This is why I started looking at Drudge on a daily basis -- not for the politics but for the links they post on, er, 'troubling' health-related research findings.) 

Re the last item on the list -- don't doctors recommend small frequent meals to help diabetics control blood sugar spikes?  Just asking.   

As to the other items -- thanks for clarifying, albeit a few decades too late. 

Key conclusions | National Obesity Forum report

Eating fat does not make you fat

Evidence from multiple trials reveals that a higher-fat, lower carbohydrate diet is superior to a low-fat diet for weight loss and cardiovascular risk reduction

Stop counting calories

Calories from different foods have different metabolic effects on the body, so the cumulative calorie count is meaningless

You cannot outrun a bad diet

Obesity is a hormonal disorder leading to abnormal energy partitioning, which cannot be solely fixed by increasing exercise

Saturated fat does not cause heart disease and full-fat dairy is likely to be protective

New meta-analysis of the evidence available forty years ago does not support dietary fat restrictions

Avoid at all costs: “processed foods labelled “low fat”, “lite”, “low cholesterol” or “proven to lower cholesterol”

No single piece of evidence exists that demonstrates reducing dietary saturated fat reduces cardiovascular events and death

Snacking will make you fat

The increase in meal frequency plays an equal if not larger role in obesity and has largely been ignored

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