Sunday, August 29

Ida UPDATED 8:25 PM ET, 10:50 PM ET

Update 11:50 PM

All of New Orleans without power after Hurricane Ida leaves 'catastrophic transmission damage' | Hurricane Center |

Another report, maybe from AP, said there has been flooding in New Orleans, although how much and where was unclear.  We'll know more in the morning. 

Update 8:25 PM

Storm downgraded to Cat 3 about 50 minutes ago.  Still very dangerous storm that has already done tremendous damage across a wide swath. From this CNN report updated 8:09 PM the storm will make its closest pass to New Orleans within the next two hours.

Live updates: Hurricane Ida path, Louisiana landfall and news coverage (



At 11:55 a.m. CDT Sunday, the eye of Hurricane Ida plowed into the coast of Louisiana over Port Fourchon. It was rated as a powerful Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, just 7 mph shy of Category 5 status. Howeverwinds gusts were estimated to be over 180 mph in the worst part of the monstrous storm. The worst of the storm is far from over despite landfall with dangerous, tornado-like winds and substantial rainfall expected.

Live reports -- lots more information in their earlier reports

 LIVE: Ida nears Cat 5 strength as it bears down on Louisiana Coast | AccuWeather

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