Saturday, June 4

Electronic warfare on the battlefield

Telegram: Contact @intelslava - June 4
The newest electronic warfare complex "Palantin" during a special operation suppresses electronic objects of Ukrainian militants [video]
The complex of electronic warfare (EW) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Palantin" blocks the control of reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles of the enemy, "jamming" cellular communication centers and Internet sources at the command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Actually, Palantin has been in use for some time:  

"Tirada" and "Palantin": 19 new electronic warfare systems have been created in Russia over the past few years ( - 5 May 2021 ("Many of them have no analogs.")

For a broader discussion of battlefield EW:

Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war | AP News - June 4

Detailed report that breaks down complex concepts so a 'general' reader can understand them.


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