Sunday, June 5

"The U.S. cannot defeat China. So what they're going to do is burn down the world to spite China."

Brian Berletic is a one-man army LOL.  Listen and learn if you've never heard of the Oslo Freedom Fund before.  

Brian, under the pen name of Tony Cartalucci, has been exposing the scheming of such characters for years, which I've mentioned several times over the years on this blog, and is continuing under his own name to pull back the curtain. 

I am very proud to say that Brian is an American, born and raised.  He has already done more than his share to alert fellow Americans to the worst threats from within their own country.  He has lived for years in Thailand but should not be confused with the anti-American contingent of expat Americans around the world. He is most definitely not anti-American. It is just that he knows in great detail the real drivers of the worst of American foreign policy.

His New Atlas channel on YouTube is also available on Rumble and while he started a new blog called The New Atlas, I am seeing a dire security warning associated with the link.  So, I am sticking with his old blog, Land Destroyer, which features his most recent writings/videos for New Atlas. 

By the way he's doing great video updates on the war in Ukraine. I see The Duran is starting to take notice.  


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