Thursday, July 14

"It's pretty much done for the U.K."

SAS unit repeatedly killed Afghan detainees, BBC finds - BBC News - July 12

The BBC investigative report on the SAS murder of several Afghan detainees during the Afghan War is shocking news -- but almost as shocking is the British public's reaction to the report, at least according to Andrei Martyanov. 

This is the first I'm hearing about the issue, from Andrei's discussion in his video report today. 

SAS and BRICS - YouTube

After listing other horrors in the society, he concludes that Britain is, well, pretty much done for. 

Britain is actually very wealthy, so it won't collapse, but the, uh, social fabric seems badly frayed. Yet one obvious bright spot is that the BBC report indicates it reached its gag limit -- or rather a faction in the British military or the government did and alerted the Beeb. From a VOA report dated July 12: 

A BBC investigation, citing newly obtained military documents, alleged Tuesday that 54 people were unlawfully killed in the southern Afghan province of Helmand by a single unit of the Special Air Service (SAS), a special forces unit of the British army.

The broadcaster said its four-year inquiry also found “evidence suggesting the former head of the special forces failed to pass on evidence to a murder inquiry.”


Report Alleges British Soldiers Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan (

Yet according to Andrei, at least, the British public is more upset about the disclosure threatening to endanger British lives than the war crimes. I doubt all Britons feel that way although it does seem that the society is in deep trouble.  They can stand in line; Western societies in general are in deep trouble. "Things fall apart, the center cannot hold." 


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