Thursday, July 14

Yet another great analysis from The Duran's Alexander Mercouris

His high level of analysis is so consistent that it's easy to start taking it for granted, so sometimes I have to remind myself that he is absolutely incredible. Alex Christoforu, his co-host at The Duran, calls him "The Oracle of London" and that he is, although his political analyses of the entire of Europe makes him also "The Oracle of Europe."  And while he is always downplaying his understanding of military matters ("Remember I have no military background.") his insights about the Ukraine military situation are often invaluable.

He does have an advantage in that he comes from a political family in Greece and has been steeped in European politics virtually all his life.  In addition to this vast knowledge, which has given him good judgment, his research on political and military matters is so painstaking I wonder when he sleeps. He is notoriously high strung, but I would be too if plowed through, analyzed, and reported on as many reports as he does every day. 

Yet I think that part of his nerves is the sense of responsibility he has regarding his commentaries, as more and more people turn to him for insights during this very dangerous and confusing time.  He obviously wants to get it as correct as he can. That's a heavy load to be carrying, day in, day out, seven days a week.  

A driven man.  But to our advantage. You can learn a great deal from Alexander Mercouris, so the investment in time listening to him is well worth it.  I think you'll agree that as long as minds such as Alexander's are among us, the human race is better off than we tend to assume on our worst days.  

Here is his latest, from yesterday, posted at Rumble:  

Russia Intensifies Shelling, Gains Ground in Donbass, Ukraine Places Hopes in HIMARS, Putin to Tehran (


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