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Saturday, September 22

Eeeek! Pundita suffering from blogitis

Just realized I put up five posts today, which tends to bury the post I wanted to keep at the top of the pile this weekend:

American Everyman, dealing with 9/11 and the aftermath.

Still a lot of nervous energy. I guess I need a decompression chamber, after being submerged so many weeks in the Battle of Capitol Hill over Iraq. I'll settle down next week.

Anyhow, remember to tune in John Batchelor on C-SPAN's Q&A tomorrow at 8:00 PM eastern time.

Best regards to all,

PS: If you've ever wondered why I value ZenPundit's opinion, check out his explanation of what he's about. Ignore the pix he published of himself. Actually, he looks like Tom Sawyer.

Well, I see this is post #6. Somebody get the hook --
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