Wednesday, September 19

John Batchelor on C-SPAN this Sunday

Brian Lamb, one of the C-SPAN founders and its CEO, talks with John Batchelor on C-SPAN's Q&A this Sunday, September 23 at 8:00 PM eastern time.

The hour-long interview will interest not only fans of the John Batchelor Show -- of which Brian Lamb is one -- but also news media watchers, journalism junkies, and radio industry insiders as well as the political/policy classes that tuned into the show in New York and Washington.

Brian will ask why John's hit show was discontinued. The show dominated in all demographics for its five year run in New York and three year syndicated run in Washington, Boston and other cities.

They'll also discuss talk radio and how the John Batchelor Show differed greatly from other news talk shows. John will give the Q&A audience an inside look at how he prepared for the daily show, and discuss how his guests were generous of their time, no matter when or where they were reporting from around the globe.

The audience for John Batchelor's show was very large and sophisticated, and the show's audience was the most demanding and best informed when it comes to news. So it's no wonder that Q&A decided to feature an interview with Batchelor.

If you can't get away from your computer on Sunday night you can watch the interview on C-SPAN's website and listen anytime to the podcast at Q&A or read the transcript when its available.

For readers who have not heard the John Batchelor Show, here is a February 2006 profile of John from The New York Times. Caveat: the piece does not say much about the revolutionary aspects of the news show, but they will surely be highlighted during Brian Lamb's C-SPAN interview.

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