Tuesday, April 30

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Senior [Iraqi] MP Slams US for Creating Safe Zone for ISIL at Iraq-Syria Border

The Hidden Challenge of the Restoration of Notre-Dame
Afghanistan’s Hired Guns

The number of private contractors in America’s longest war jumped at an unprecedented rate in the last three months. By Paul D. Shinkman Senior National Security Writer, US News & World Report, April 26, 2019
The extent to which the U.S. needs more security contractors because of a deteriorating situation on the ground is unclear, largely because the Trump administration, like its predecessors, has opted to withhold pertinent information. Faced with reports of a rising death toll among Afghan soldiers and national police officers, the government in Kabul – with U.S. support – stopped releasing those figures two years ago.

From Foreign Policy News summaries, 4/29, 4/30
Second Cyclone Hits Mozambique
Top News: A powerful cyclone hit Mozambique while the country was still recovering from another devastating storm six weeks ago. Cyclone Kenneth caused widespread flooding, killed at least nine people, and has destroyed 35,000 homes. It’s the first time in recorded history two cyclones have hit Mozambique in one season. Cyclone Idai hit the country six weeks ago, killing over 600 people.

Heavy rains are forecast for the next several days, which U.N. officials fear will worsen the situation. Aid agencies and workers are struggling to deliver relief supplies to people in rural areas affected by the cyclone due to damaged roads.

Japan: Emperor Akihito told those gathered at his abdication ceremony that he “wished Japan and the world peace and prosperity.” He is the first Japanese monarch in 200 years to step back from his role, a move which will formally take effect at midnight. The Emperor’s son, Crown Prince Naruhito, will ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne on Wednesday.


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